An Alternative View of Qumran

Alan David Crown In a review ( in the Society f or Old Testament Study Booklist , 1990 ) of the published proceedings of the Manchester Symposium on the Temple Scroll ( 1987 ) , the reviewer observed that he was thoroughly confused by the book , and he felt that this reflected the total state of confusion in scroll studies . He explained that scholars could not agree on the methods they should use in approaching the texts , their terminology differed , there was no agreement as to the date of the scrolls nor as to where they originated . In short , he concluded that the volume was an interesting example of the state of scholarly debate on the Dead Sea Scrolls . Nearly ten years later , at the conference on the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the scrolls , scholars were still arguing about what the scrolls were , who wrote them and what they represented . The weekend issue of the Jerusalem Post for the week of the conference had a centre-page spread which spoke of exactly that ...  אל הספר
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