Qur'an II,65; VII,166; V,60 and the Old and New Testament Atmosphere

Sergio Noj a Noseda Concerning the fine-sounding words expressed by Use Lichtenstadter in 1991 , referring to the problem raised in 1957 , ' " [ ... ] somewhat sterile and stereotyped search for further new parallels to Koranic tenets in Jewish or Christian sources as additional examples of 2 Judeo-Christian' influences on Muhammad's thought " , we can say that , like all fine-sounding phrases , it is doubtless true , but should not be followed to the letter . The academic ' s invitation to move away from the Jewish-Christian tradition when examining the origins of Islam , to intensify studies on the pre-Islamic Arab world - especially in light of the wonderful findings from southern Arabic epigraphy 3 and archaeological studies - has been welcomed . But to break away completely from the framework of Jewish-Christian thought is not only a mistake but sheer folly , a folly that I believe not even the author did not actually intend . The first real result of studies conducted in recent d...  אל הספר
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