The Samaritans in Damascus

Reinhard Pummer Among the cities of the Samaritan diaspora , Damascus held a special 1 position . On the one hand , it was often a haven for the Samaritans to which they could retreat when they were persecuted in Nablus . On the other hand , because of severe repression by the Muslim rulers in Damascus at certain times , many a Samaritan from that city converted to Islam . Damascus , however , is also the city from which several famous physicians hailed . Two of them reached the high position of vizier under Ayyubid rulers , one in Ba ' albak and one in Damascus . The nature of this office demanded of the vizier of the ruler of Damascus that he renounce his original religion and become 2 a Muslim , since non-Muslims could not give orders to Muslims . On the other hand , physician was an occupation through which Samaritans , as well as members of other faiths , could socially 3 advance in a Muslim society . The earliest period for which information on Samaritans in 4 Damascus is availab...  אל הספר
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