Anxieties in the Organization or in the Individual : A Critical Reading of a Classic Article Showcasing a Psychoanalytic Perspective on Organizations Andre Sheinberg One of the central questions in the psychoanalytic literature on organizations is whether the analysis should be targeted at the organization as a whole or at the level of the individual members . This question was addressed in the seminal work of Menzies ) 1960 ( on organizational social systems as a defense against anxiety . The article is divided into five parts : First I will substantiate the claim that Menzies ‘ article is indeed canonic ; second , I will describe the institutional background of Menzies ‘ work ) the Tavistock Institute (; third , I will briefly summarize the article ; fourth , I will present two previous criticisms of the article ; finally , I will suggest a critical view of the article particularly regarding the ambiguity of the author ‘ s understanding of social systems as container or defender agai...  אל הספר
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