On Speech and Ethics Shai Frogel This article is based on a key-note lecture given at the annual ”Psychoanalysis in Organizations and Society " conference . The article stems from a philosophical framework of thought which is marked by the attempt to understand the meaning of concepts and the relations between them . A preliminary attempt is made at outlining the central characteristics of the concepts of ”Ethics " and ”Speech " and the relations between these entities . This attempt is based on a distinction made between the philosophy of language and the philosophy of speech which is grounded in the basic duality of human existence . Small-talk in the Consulting Encounter – First thoughts towards a Phe- nomenology of Small-Talk Andre Schönberg In this paper I attempt to explore the frst few minutes of the consulting encounter . During these frst few minutes , consultant and consultee alike do not engage in their primary task . Small talk appears to be a necessary condition and an int...  אל הספר
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