A Fine Mess: Video in The 1980s

In a 1995 essay Philip Hayward dubbed the state of video in the 1980 s " a fine mess " . While in the 1970 s attempts were made to characterize and define the medium and its f ormalistic contents , and works were made in black-andwhite with cumbersome cameras and awkward editing tools , the 1980 s were totally different : It was a decade of happy , colorful years ; post-modernism was gradually taking over western culture and new romantics emerged on the scene . The line between art and advertising began to blur Works Holzer and Barbara . by Jenny Kruger ( among others ) explored the interrelations between posters and art , and videos , clips and ads blended into art . The technological era began , and everything was allowed . Video became an extensively used tool . In the previous decade it was a vehicle for protesting against the television establishment , whereas in the 1980 s the language expanded and changed ; the protest continued , but it was television that now subsidized many o...  אל הספר
טרמינל, כתב עת לאמנות המאה ה-21