McDonald's is also Sorts of Exotica

McDonald' is also What was Lyon Biennale ' s total budget ? 28 , 000 million Frank , 4 million US $ . It's not a very big budget , How did you manage ? Compared to La Sou tee in Avignon where the budget was twice as much as we had , it is a of the 21 century , what do you perceive 't it somewhat late for such a label ? Are undiscovered art forms and arts ? the exotic is always a problem as it depends view and the distance from which you observe essentially gazing from one cultural point . For instance , I am currently working not in France , and there are many cultural of which may be termed exotic behaviors . all the pieces in the exhibition are exotic . is that the between the works and  אל הספר
טרמינל, כתב עת לאמנות המאה ה-21