With This Ring Weddings in Contemporary Art

in Contemporary Art Goldmann Museum bf the Jewish Diaspora Our sentiments toward Jewish wedding ceremonies from an intricate web of memories , fantasies , upbringing is the cultural and social influences we experience . The attempts to mirror these complex associations . Nevertheless , despite the various changes and modern influences , is something constant about a Jewish wedding something familiar and deeply rooted . It reflects elements tradition alongside expressions of personal and individual y views . These variations are the result of a transition and family / tribal orientation to an individualistic approach may lend the wedding ceremony a personal touch . Accordingly , the subject of Jewish weddings interesting questions about ritual , society , the preservation of an existing order or variations to that order . Some to works project a note of defiance or irony , while others sense of joy , humor , or longing . The exhibition includes a or spectrum of artistic practices , incl...  אל הספר
טרמינל, כתב עת לאמנות המאה ה-21