SUMMARY The contents of this book are the outcome of a research conference convened in late 1992 by the Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History in Jerusalem and the Tauber Institute of Brandeis University on "Jewish Nationalism in the 19 th and 20 th centuries in the light of Recent Historiography " , in memory of Professor Shmuel Ettinger . The first two contributions to this volume provide a dual historiographical backdrop to nineteenth-century Jewish history as well as to the study of nationalism in general . Jonathan Frankel sets the first backdrop with an analysis of changes in the historiographical depiction of major themes in the nineteenth-century history of European Jewry : Haskalah , emancipation , assimilation , nascent national consciousness and Jewish political action . He contends that roughly from 1930 until the late 1960 s mainstream status was enjoyed by a historiographical school that can be identified as Russian-Jewish and nationalist . Its roots were in the late nin...  אל הספר
מרכז זלמן שזר לחקר תולדות העם היהודי

מכון טאובר, אוניברסיטת ברנדייס, בוסטון