Abstract thinking development . Magic in the Web explains the concept of of reading , teaching - specifically literature instruction - and offers a unique perspective , which combines a look at processes answers to these questions are to be found in this book that between reading , teaching , and thinking development ? The literary work and our cultural world ? What is the relationship do we develop the ability to make the association between a What is the cultural phenomenon we call intertextuality ? How illustrated by Hila Havkin ; David Grossman ' s Someone to Run are Sigi and Threads ( 1995 ) by Nurit Zarhi , author and poet , a novel for adolescents , and a novel for adults . These works reading of three different literary works - a children's story , from literature , film , and the plastic arts and intertextual in various age groups . These are accompanied by examples a methodological approach to developing intertextual thinking intertextuality and presents its theoretical princ...  אל הספר
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