Rain and Wind

Rain and Wind Science Meterology and Weather in Jewish Tradition and Modern Pinhas Alpert meteorological phenomena while the second reflects an alternative title of this book , have double meanings . The first simply refers to the The Hebrew words for rain ( 'geshem' ) and wind (' ruach' ) , used in the that a similar complex relationship exists between Science and Torah as his life and transform them into something holy , more spiritual . I believe thought the Jewish person is requested to take the materialistic things in (' geshem' ) versus spiritual (' ruach' ) aspects of human life . In Chassidic use of the words to describe the conflict and complement of material ( Rambam ) holds this view as he believes it is impossible to reach God lead to a higher level of God and Torah understanding . Maimonides learning science is recognizing what God did in this world which should is supposed to lead that person to higher and higher levels . Similarly , well . The interaction between a perso...  אל הספר
הוצאת ראובן מס בע"מ, ירושלים