TURNER PRIZE , LONDON S O teve A McQueen "M Jf / ~\ f s " ???????????? cinema •^ ( Phot # me h : Denis Darza Mum , are we there yet ? In the end , Steve McQueen ' s quiet , autumnal and thoughtful collapse prevailed over Tracey Emin ' s loud , extrovert and media-friendly fall . McQueen ' s works , if only one takes the time to listen to their quietness , are opulent sources of magic and intellectual brilliance After Tracey Emin had finished showing off in front of the guests , the grown-ups went into the conference room and chose to give the 1999 Turner Prize to Steve McQueen . The £ 20 , 000 given to McQueen expressed the jury ' s admiration of "the poetry and the clarity of his vision , the range of his work , its emotional intensity and economy of means " . The prize was awarded to McQueen specifically for a recent solo show at the ICA in London , but the jury noted that what impressed them most was the " continuing intellectual and technical evolution" of his work .  אל הספר
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