From the Box to the Screen: A Chronology of a Media

Ronen Leibman From the Box to the Screen : A Chronology of a Media Thirty five years after making its debut , the electronic media has finally been granted a place of its own in the art world . This series of essays traces the processes of shaping the qualities and contents of video from the time of its emergence and throughout the years . The current essay delves into the first 15 years ( part II will be published in the next issue ) . In one of the events of Video Positive - a video biennial which took place in Liverpool in 1995 , a discussion concerning the future of video evolved . The terminology used , namely " the death of video " , may have been somewhat farfetched , but it undoubtedly reflected the fact that video in the nineties had undergone a process of liberation , a transformation from a dependent to an independent media . Video will never "die " . An artistic media is an organism recreating itself with every new work . This is also why I will not attempt to predict the f...  אל הספר
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