Multi- Exposure 1999-2000: Exile British- Israeli-Palestinian Awards

Multi- Exposure 1999-2000 : Exili British- sraeli-Palestinian Award : The recipients of the Sandra Jacobs Fund awards this year are Julia G est , Gordon Hon , Louise Short , Chen Shish , Sharon Gershoni , Rula Halawani , and Subhi Zobaidi . An exhibition of their works will be featured in three different venues in Tel Aviv , Ramalla , and London . The first show will open in Tel Aviv during March 2000 at the Mumche Gallery , N : ve Zedek . The grant program , Double Exposure , was initiated in 1993 by the British photographer , Sandra Jacobs , to promote cultural exchange between Israel and England through the medium of photography . During the first five years the awards were given to British and Israeli photographers and artists , enabling them to spend a month in each other ' s country , explore themes of interest , acquaint themselves with a foreign life style and cultural modes , and produce a personal project . The works executed during and following this journey were presented e...  אל הספר
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