ITS BACKGROUND ON THE POST-BIBLICAL JEWISH ONOMASTICON AND RAN ZADOK Introduction Hellenistic-Roman and Byzantine periods . The rich and diverse Aramaic and Arabian of the additions are from the comparative Aramaic and Arabian pertinent names of the pp . 243-343 ( the numbers of paragraphs below are the same as in that article ) . Most This paper offers complementary material to my lengthy article in Trumah 1 ( 1987 ) , mostly recorded in Graeco-Latin transcription ( the Greek is transliterated below , but chronological distribution of the abundant prosopographic materiaL This material is names . Thus the planned publication will be devoted to the geographical and facilitate its presentation . For it will relieve me of individual interpretations of the project on the subject is in active preparation now and this rather short paper would ethno-linguistic character of Pre-Islamic Syria-Palestine and adjacent regions . My is done here not only per se . Such an analysis is imperative for e...  אל הספר
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