CONTENTS ט Preface — Yoram Tsafrir יא Introduction Water Systems in the Roman World De Aquae Ductu Urbis Romae ( translated by Leah Di Segni ) 33 De Architectura , Book VIII ( translated by Leah Di Segni ) 29 Aqueducts in the Graeco-Roman World J queducts The Discussion of Water Installations and Aqueducts in Rabbinical Literature — Characteristics and Terminology 4 the Basic Terminology of Ancient Water Supply Systems 77 Hydraulic Plaster of Aqueducts as a Chronological Indicator 69 Concrete , Mortor and Plaster in Ancient Aqueducts 05 Light of Modern Engineering 57 Planning and Operation of Ancient Water Systems in the The Aqueducts of Acre and the Western Galilee < S 7  אל הספר
יד יצחק בן-צבי