LEXICON OF AQUATIC LIFE IN ISRAEL will find hundreds of original new Hebrew names for This is not the only novelty however - the reader alphabetical order according to their Hebrew names . on this topic , in which the species are placed in waters and seas of Israel is the first to be published This lexicon of the animals that inhabit the fresh- Names of the Israeli Academy . Many others are been approved by the Committee for Hebrew various animal species , some of which have already The lexicon , which includes over 1 , 000 species , mentioned in the book for the first time . access to the various particulars of each specific tion . Its clear layout provides the reader with easy a body of knowledge and source for further explora- is not meant to be a textbook ; it constitutes , rather , . Aquatic animal life of Israel is of special interest animal opening of the Suez Canel , dozens of Indo-Pacific of Atlantic origin . Now , however , 120 years after the low waters of the Israeli Medite...  אל הספר
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