7 . Judaism, Sovereignty and Human Rights | Vol xiii [ ] Netta Kahane Netta Kahane is a cultural sociologist with an interest in theories of morality, responsibility, and accountability in the late Modern Age . She is a post - doctoral fellow at the School of Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem . Her dissertation, “Meeting the Other, Imagining Ourselves : Israeli Volunteer Tourism in the Global Era,” was written in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University . Amos Nave Amos Nave is an attorney and doctoral student in the Program for Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies at Bar - Ilan University . His research deals with the cultural history of the right to privacy and the legal discourse about this right . Roey Fredman Roey Fredman is a psychologist and educational philosopher . His dissertation, written at the Hebrew University, dealt with ultra - Orthodox educational thought . He holds an M . Sc . in rehabilitative clinical psychology ...  אל הספר
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