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From the Editors iv [ ] Against this background, Judaism, Sovereignty and Human Rights seeks to establish a scholarly arena for discussing the interaction between the particular aspects of Judaism—whether seen as a nationality, religion, or culture—and the universal aspects of liberal culture, and especially the commitment to human rights . It aims to explore this interaction both at the level of the individual, who is the subject of human rights, and at the level of the Jewish and democratic nation state . It should be noted that a significant share of the Israeli public views the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with suspicion . These rights are often seen as “alien,” as an expression of a foreign culture that threatens the state’s Jewishness . We believe that a critical examination of this approach is warranted and should ideally be conducted from a broad interdisciplinary perspective . We hope that this journal will be a springboard for attempts at a bidirectional undertaking ...  אל הספר
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