Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 300 their goals ( … ) . The spark of agency is simply the perception that the environment is responsive to our actions . Too often our kids believe the reverse" . In the same vein, two of my 2014 undergraduate students wrote at the end of the course : If instruction, knowledge, and use of reading comprehension strategies were commonplace in the EFL classroom the overall academic level of the students may improve greatly . In addition, as in my think - aloud protocol, the use of metacognitive strategies in reading can also foster the application of these strategies in other fields as is discussed at length in Neil J . Anderson's article, which was read as part of the task . By explicitly teaching reading comprehension strategies to EFL learners and training teachers to do so, students will no longer randomly pick up tools from their cognitive toolbox . They will select with great care and thought the best tool with w...  אל הספר
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