2.2. Intertextuality

297 | PART FOUR : READING INSTRUCTION AND ASSESSMENT proceed to discuss with them the process of comprehending, or making meaning of the text, which is just that : Weaving or fitting together pieces of information from different parts of the text . One of my high school students used the metaphor of the puzzle to describe this process . Others see : ( 41 ) Imagining ) used the metaphor of builders to refer to themselves . ( The teacher can transform her students' reading of a text into a meaningful intertextual event, not only by encouraging them to bring their "texts" with them, but also by introducing more texts on the same topic, or asking her students to search for more texts on the same topic, either in English or in Hebrew . These could be written texts – newspaper reports, entries from an encyclopedia or the internet, etc . , and visual texts illustrations, photographs, cartoons, music videos, etc . She will then – engage them in comparing and contrasting the texts – two higher ...  אל הספר
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