1.2.3. Lesson 3: Explicit instruction of the strategy of elaborating

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 284 from . She started with unit [ 7 ] . She asked them what they thought she had been thinking or doing, and then she presented the name of the strategy and defined it . She then asked them, working in pairs, to look for more examples of the strategy in the TA protocol . They had to compare the TA protocol with the text and find information in the protocol that did not appear in the text : [ 8 ] , [ 13 ] , [ 15 ] , [ 20 ] , [ 21 ] and [ 23 ] . The teacher and students discussed each : What was she thinking ? Why do they think she used it ? Would they use it, too, or do something else ? The lesson was conducted in both languages, with the teacher using English as much as possible . They loved the idea that it was OK to think in Hebrew . The teacher asked them what they were thinking while she was reading the text . One student said that he was visualizing the ant and the grasshopper to himself, and that this often h...  אל הספר
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