1.2.1. Lesson 1: The title of the text

277 | PART FOUR : READING INSTRUCTION AND ASSESSMENT Student 6 : But if I'm writing a serious text, like a term paper, the title must be very clear, no gimmicks . Teacher : You're ALL right, of course . It depends on who your readers are, what your purpose for writing the text is, or what text you're writing . Now, what happens if the title is clear ? What do you do then ? Student 2 : If the title is clear, then the minute I read it I start thinking if I already know something about the topic and then I think it will be easier for me to read the text . Teacher : That's right . Prior knowledge of the topic can be very helpful . Teacher writes "prior knowledge" on the board ) ( What do you do if the title is NOT clear ? Student 2 : Then I have no way of knowing how it is related to what I know . Student 1 : Or to what you don't know . Teacher & Student 2 : Right . Teacher : What would you do THEN ? Student 7 : I'll start looking around, if there are any pictures I can make sense from . S...  אל הספר
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