(43) Mapping the text

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 242 of paper [ planning ( to map ) ] / / [ 26 ] title ‒ learning, then two arrows in two different directions : affective and cognitive, then under each of these more arrows … [ mapping ] / / ( ( Alice is thinking aloud and drawing the map simultaneously ) ) Figure 3 : Alice's mapping affective cognitive informal learning interestemotion mathhistorylearning formal LEARNING Other graphic representations of the text are, for example, the timeline, the flow chart, and the Venn diagram . 154 Mapping a complete text, on the other hand, relates to the deep structure of the text, rather than to its surface structure as do a timeline and a flow chart . It is a cognitively demanding strategy, and, therefore, must be explicitly taught . Experts often use it when summarizing a single text, or when synthesizing several texts ( e . g . , Segev Miller, 2004 a, 2004 c ) . It may be carried out while reading the text, rather than a...  אל הספר
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