(41) Imagining

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 238 Hila is going beyond the text and imagining how she would implement what she has learned from this article and from the course in her future teaching . She is imagining how she would walk into her first lesson and bring about a change in her students' learning . Although imagining, or visualizing as it is more often referred to in the literature, is one of the strategies, which frequently appear in the pedagogical literature on reading ( see : PARTFOUR ) , and in the RAND Reading Study ( 2002 ) , there has been relatively very little attention to it in the research literature since the 1980 s, which produced mixed results at best ( for a review see : De Koning & Der Schoot, 2013 ) . Sadoski and Paivo's ( 2004, 2013 ) Dual Coding Theory postulates that verbal information, consisting of words for objects and events, and nonverbal information, consisting of visual and other sensory images, is processed in separate ...  אל הספר
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