(38) Identifying the writer of the text

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 230 with ( e . g . , they have read something by the writer or heard about her ) , that is, they may have prior knowledge that may help them predict the writer's argument or purpose ( Wennås Brante & Strømsø, 2018 ) ; or ( b ) as someone who is a teacher or a researcher . Identifying writer has become even more important for evaluating online source information critically : One viable path for improving students' critical reading and learning is through developing their source evaluation skills, that is, their ability to judge the credibility and trustworthiness of sources by attending to available information about the source, such as who authored it or what kind of source it is ( Bråten & Braasch, 2017 : 78 ) . However, most of the undergraduate and even graduate readers did not use the strategy of identifying writer . Nor did they, except for Alice ( see : Extract 1 below ) , search for the writer . Extract 1 : A...  אל הספר
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