(34) Identifying the main idea of the text

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 222 encourage readers to make connections between them and to construct meaning from the text . Marshall's ( 1984 ) critique, that so - called "reading comprehension exams" do not allow the readers to see the forest for the trees, is, unfortunately, still relevant . 142 the means of In the case of a research article, such as Fink's ( 1996 ) , 143 transition is usually a question ( i . e . , the research question ) , or a combination of a word of contrast and a question or questions : " However , studies to date have not examined how dyslexics' ability to read is reconstructed or at what points in time [ i . e . , when ] dyslexics' reading development occurs" . The new information is, then, the answer to these questions, or the findings of the study . These, however, will appear later in the text, in the Findings section . Extract 1 : Shiri Undergraduate, Text 7 Were the bank president an isolated case it might not b...  אל הספר
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