(31) Comparing & (32) Contrasting

217 | PART THREE : READING STRATEGIES IN CONTEXT Hila, my undergraduate student in the class of 2007, and her classmates were first required to read my article ( Segev Miller, 2003 a ) in preparation for a discussion on the topic of questions . They were then required to read three short articles on higher - level questions and use them to practice the elicitation of TA data, both in class and at home, before being assigned the final task on the same topic : To elicit a TAprotocol of a text they had not and to answer in writing the question : What is seen before ( TEXT B ) 138 and TEXT the connection between TEXTA ( one of the three articles ) 139 B ? The question required the students to use comparing and contrasting, which, as a rule, they hardly use in their reading . Hila's answer ( unedited, in the box below ) and those of her classmates indicated that they all used these strategies, albeit with different rates of success . I think that the connection between Text A and Text B is ...  אל הספר
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