(18) Guessing the meaning of an unfamiliar word from its context

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 160 Guessing is more often used by good readers, who have a large vocabulary . Poor readers, on the other hand, who usually have a more limited vocabulary, often find that they do not know more than one word in a sentence, and, therefore, have no context to guess from . They also often fail to make connections between sentences, and may ignore syntactical and morphological clues . Guessing in the TA protocols is often or with adverbs נראה לי ) צירוף פעלי ( associated with the verbal phrase . כאילו, אולי, כנראה such as ) תואר הפועל ( As I have mentioned earlier, guessing is one of the few strategies reported in my surveys and encouraged by teachers, although, like other strategies, it is not explicitly taught . Extract 1 : Anat grader, Text 26 th You build houses and hotels . The aim ] [ ] 20 [ מטרה נראה לי ] guessing [ / / of the game is to become rich very quickly, but remember ‒ you can [ lose everything in one mo...  אל הספר
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