(16) Clarifying a cohesive device

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 146 information in the text by establishing connections between the new information and relevant old information, or prior knowledge . That is, readers make an effort to comprehend the text by relating the information in the text to what they already know . Sometimes, as in the case of the strategy of guessing , the reader may use information from the text he has already processed as old information . I have found that when asked to read for a purpose other than to answer readers of all grades and levels use Elaboration"copy - paste" questions, 113 strategies frequently . This finding is in line with current models of the reading process, such as Ruddell and Unrau's ( 2013 ) , which emphasize the importance of prior knowledge . or in short c larifying, , ) הבהרת אמצעי קישור ( Clarifying a cohesive device is used to clarify a cohesive device, usually a grammatical one, such as "it" ( see : [ 14 ] in Extract 1 below )...  אל הספר
מכון מופ"ת