(14) Previewing

137 | PART THREE : READING STRATEGIES IN CONTEXT to explain the use of previewing to my students : "Before you start on a trip, you usually look at a map . It helps you plan your way . Then you know what to expect as you travel . This is a good idea in reading, too . Look before you read . Then it is much easier to understand" . Later, I expanded the metaphor to include Google Maps or Waze, which provide the driver with more information, such as alternative routes and the arrival time of each . 109 Previewing belongs to category A‒ Facilitation, and, as the term suggests, is a very helpful strategy . It was often used by my college students, but rarely by their school students, most probably because, unlike college students, they do not have to read the text for the sake of reading but rather for the sake of what Spivey ( 1987 ) called "text as pretext", that is, for the purpose of learning vocabulary and grammar see : INTRODUCTION, survey finding # 2 ) . Another reason that school ( s...  אל הספר
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