(6) Adapting the length of the processing unit to text difficulty

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 112 More recently, some research ( e . g . , Park, 2016 ) has investigated the effect of text segmentation as a modified, phrase - segmented text format, rather than as a reading strategy, on reading comprehension, with mixed results . Since poor readers read either in a word - by - word fashion or by grouping words in ways that deviate from the phrasing which occurs naturally in oral language, they should be explicitly taught to use different clues such as punctuation, syntax, or lexicon information ( Rasinski, Yildirim, Nageldinger, 2012 ; Yamashita & Ichikawa, 2010 ) . & To notate the strategy, I add an open bracket in the left margin next to the units being read, or more often, being reread, and a unit number at the end ( see : [ 35 ] in Extract 1 below ) , with the name of the strategy adapting length ] [ Extract 1 : Ron grader, Text 48 th They also cut the water pipes which brought water to the fort . Soon [ t...  אל הספר
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