(4) Planning

97 | PART THREE : READING STRATEGIES IN CONTEXT decoding mistake, and then use planning to select another strategy to cope with it, such as rereading the sentence ( see : Extract 1 below ) . 85 Extract 1 : Adi grader, Text 15 th Revital doesn't wear a uniform because some children are afraid when [ they 'say' ( see ) ] ] 8 [ רגע . . . אני יחזור ] ) planning ( to reread [ / / Adi obviously understands that he has made a decoding mistake ‒ reading "see" as 'say', but he is not explicitly verbalizing it . That is, he is not explicitly using evaluating , but he is explicitly planning to reread to revise his mistake . Unlike evaluating , which school students use for the purpose of identifying their difficulties, but, as we have seen, not for the other purposes which more advanced students use it for, planning is more often used by more advanced students, both non - native and native speakers . a ) Selecting a strategy appropriate for the task ( Interestingly, the strategy most frequently u...  אל הספר
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