73 | PART THREE : READING STRATEGIES IN CONTEXT students, on the other hand, all received explicit, though brief, instruction in the use of strategies in my courses : Either a one - semester course or a two - semester ( seminar ) course . They were all required to respond to a questionnaire administered at the beginning of the course, relating to their prior knowledge of reading and reading strategies ( see : Appendix A in Segev Miller, 2016 in Hebrew ) . Toward the end of the course, they were assigned a task : ( a ) to elicit and transcribe a TA protocol while reading a text for different purposes, such as comparing the text with one they had read and discussed earlier in the course, or discussing the implications of the text to their teaching ; ( b ) to analyze and process the data ; and ( c ) to present and discuss their findings the strategies they used while performing the task, the frequencies ‒ with which they used them, and any insights they may have gained in the process . So...  אל הספר
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