3.2. Quantitative analysis

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 70 with which these are used . Flowcharts or other graphic Oxford, 2017 ) 58 means of representation can also be used to describe the process . Some researchers divided the process to investigate which strategies were more frequently used at different stages in the process ( e . g . , Rijlaarsdam & Van den Bergh, 1996 ) . Others ( e . g . , Gero & Tang, 2001 ) suggested using different verbal reporting techniques at different stages in the process : Concurrent protocols, for example, at beginning of the process, when the readers are usually trying to understand the task requirements, and retrospective protocols at later stages in the process, when the readers are concerned with more intentional information . In large - scale studies, it is customary not to include strategies used with very low relative frequencies ‒ 1 % - 3 % . However, in the TA protocol analysis in PARTTHREE Chapter 2 each strategy, even a strateg...  אל הספר
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