3.3. Reading in L3

55 | PART ONE : READING PROCESSES AND STRATEGIES respectively, L3 ( English ) acquisition may follow on the heels of origin, 45 L2 ( Hebrew ) acquisition . It would be interesting to study the differences between these groups, especially in light of the similarities between Arabic and Hebrew, and the fact that Arab students have already acquired basic reading and writing in their L1 by the time they start learning Hebrew in third grade and English in fourth grade, whereas the other groups may have not acquired basic reading and writing in their L1, depending on their age of arrival and their prior education . Research ( e . g . , Cenoz, 2003 ; Hoffman & Stavans, 2007 ) has indicated that the acquisition of an L3 shares many characteristics with the acquisition of an L2 but is also different from it . The study of cross - linguistic influence in L3 acquisition is more complicated than in L2 acquisition . L3 learners have already acquired at least two languages, and the knowledge of thes...  אל הספר
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