3.2. Reading in L1 and L2

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 50 words orally ( Grabe, 2009 ) . By that time, L1 readers also have a 8000 significant linguistic foundation ‒ a large store of implicit morphological, phonological, and syntactical knowledge about their language . L2 readers, on the other hand, must acquire linguistic knowledge at the same time that they acquire reading comprehension strategies . Unlike beginning L1 readers, L2 readers, especially older or adult readers, have a large store of sociolinguistic, educational, and developmental cognitive experiences in their L1, to draw on to substantially facilitate ( or interfere with ) their L2 reading . 39 Cummins ( 1991 ) suggested two theoretical constructs relating to L1 reading ability and L2 language proficiency, respectively : The developmental interdependence hypothesis posits that both L1 and . 1 L2 abilities are manifestations of a common underlying proficiency . These abilities may, then, theoretically, d...  אל הספר
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