2.4. Individual differences in reading comprehension

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 46 through appropriate metacognition and targeted learning strategies Ehrman, Leaver, & Oxford, 2003 : 323 ) . ( Second language acquisition research has mainly focused on what students have in common, resulting in generalizations and instructional implications for entire groups of L2 learners ; or on the differences between good and poor learners . However, since every L2 learner is a unique individual within a larger group, more researchers have recently been trying to study individual differences with the goal of determining their specific contribution to L2 acquisition . Brantmeier ( 2003 : 35 ) argued that most research on individual and that differences had not "examine [ d ] L2 reading comprehension", 38 it had been inconsistent in choosing which variables to examine . Indeed, research has indicated that a wide variety of factors have been connected with individual differences in reading achievement, such as ...  אל הספר
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