1.2. Models of the reading process

Reading Made Easier : The explicit instruction of reading strategies | 32 few hundred milliseconds that is required for a fluent reader to recognize most words ( … ) . Fluent readers do not use conscious expectancies to facilitate word recognition . These models gave way to Rumelhart's ( 1980 ) interactive model , which was claimed to provide a more accurate description of the reading process than did strictly top - down or bottom - up models . The term interactive refers both to ( a ) the interaction between bottom - up and top - down processes, or between the text and the reader each of these two models focused on, respectively ; and to ( b ) the interaction between different sources of information, or knowledge, available to the reader ‒ lexical, syntactic, semantic, and strategic, at the message center, a mechanism, which holds the information coming in from both short and long memory, and then redirects it as needed . That is, each processing level ( for example, a word ) may affe...  אל הספר
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