1.1. Definition of reading comprehension

25 | PART ONE : READING PROCESSES AND STRATEGIES reproduce it . For more than three decades, research on academic writing has indicated the significant role of writing in promoting learning and critical literacy ( Segev Miller, 2005 ) . The International Reading Association, founded about sixty years ago, has recently changed its name to The International Literacy Association, "to reflect our strong belief that literacy is the primary foundation of all learning" . 20 This book focuses on the reading process, but both the theoretical and pragmatic connections between reading and writing ( for a review see : Wagner, 2020 ; Grabe & Zhang, 2016 ; Zhang, 2018 ) suggest that the two processes should be taught together in the classroom ( see : PART FOUR ) . Reading comprehension has been defined as the process of simultaneously extracting and constructing meaning through interaction and involvement with written language . We use the words extracting and constructing to emphasize both the impo...  אל הספר
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