Summaries * 364 concept of Jewish textual intimacy . This is an attitude toward holy books and texts which can be found in Jewish culture ( as well as in other textual cultures ) . Eight features of the textual intimacy are presented : constant presence of texts in the life of the readers ; the idea that books and texts are protecting the learners, so the relationship is reciprocal ; regarding the Jewish textual universe as a unified whole ; an impetus to explain, interpret, and make texts accessible ; long - time occupation with texts ; enjoyment and excitement from texts and learning ; attraction toward the physical aspects of books and libraries ; an awareness of the musical aspects of texts . Several agents enhance the textual intimacy : texts, cultural institutions, people and technologies . The result is what can be called a bond of reading that connects participants of Jewish culture . Historical Continuity : A Document Dealing with the Formation of the Second Generation of the ...  אל הספר
מרכז זלמן שזר לחקר תולדות העם היהודי