Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Confessions: A Turning Point in AutobiographicalWriting in the Netherlands? / Arianne Baggerman and Rudolf Dekker

Arianne Baggerman and Rudolf Dekker * 350 “scarcity of books of memoirs, confessions, and diaries . ” The reason for this is sought in the supposed character of the Dutch people, with its alleged “dislike of self - advertisement . ” 3 This image is in want of correction . In fact, immediately after its publication, Rousseau’s Confessions were much talked about . More importantly, the origins of the first modern autobiography must be sought in Holland, in Amsterdam to be more precise . Like many other French authors, Rousseau published his books in Amsterdam . He had established a friendly relationship with his publisher there, Marc - Michel Rey, who even had his daughter baptized Emilie in honor of the famous and best - selling author . Since the 1770 s, Marc - Michel Rey had encouraged Rousseau to write his memoirs . 4 Rey regularly wrote to Rousseau to remind him of this proposal . Being a successful publisher, Rey was aware of the commercial potential of the memoirs of one of Europe...  אל הספר
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