On Gender Theories in R. Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto / Moshe Idel

Moshe Idel * 282 grinder Baruch Spinoza, Luzzatto too was persecuted and excommunicated by the Jewish authorities, though for very different reasons . The scholarship of these two individuals represent two peaks of pre - modern Jewish thought and their impact was felt for generations in both Jewish and general culture . Indubitably, Luzzatto and his circle of Kabbalists, more than earlier groups of Kabbalists, were concerned very much with the amendment of the Shekhinah as part of their messianic activity . This special concern with amendment of the divine Female, though not its acute messianic overtones, reveals, in my opinion, also the impact of R . Moshe Cordovero and his circle, as well as their common Zoharic and many Lurianic sources . 3 However, the different view of Meir Benayahu, “The Maggid of R . Moses Hayyim Luzatto,” Sefunot 5 ( 1961 ) : 320 – 323 [ Hebrew ] , and his Kitvei ha - Kabalah shel ha - Ramhal Jerusalem : Dfus Menachem, 1979 ) ; Elisheva Carlebach, The Pursuit o...  אל הספר
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