Don Quixote or the Quest for Fictionin Spanish Golden Age Literature / Ruth Fine

Ruth Fine * 250 of Don Quixote as the originator of modern fiction for the Iberian and Western world . Ce r vantes and the Concept of Fictio n in the Sp anis h Golden Age The period known as the Spanish Golden Age ( the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries ) , is, as its name indicates, a period of maximum cultural splendor in Spain, but at the same time, a period of profound crisis in the areas of society, politics, and value systems . The centuries that shape the Spanish Golden Age include three consecutive artistic phases : the First Renaissance, the Second Renaissance, and the Baroque . The life and work of Cervantes elapse along the latter two phases – the second half of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth centuries . We find ourselves facing an especially paradoxical period, signaled by profound contrasts expressed on all grounds : cultural development accompanied by political and social decadence, blinded fideism orchestrated by the dogma of the Catholic Counter - ...  אל הספר
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