Isaac de Pinto’s Political Reflectionsand the Beginning of the Jewish Political Economy / Daniel Strum

Daniel Strum * 234 poverty . In this article, I would like to focus on the demographic aspects of this pamphlet . 2 Despite being a landmark in the Jewish Enlightened literature, this essay has barely been studied . Until relatively recently, little attention has been paid to Jewish engagement in political economy . Apioneering article by Derek J . Penslar in 1997 argued that a distinct Jewish political economy “would not develop until the 1780 s and would be limited, at its beginning, to certain radical representatives of the German Haskalah [ Jewish Enlightenment ] . ” 3 Penslar recognized that Jews dealt with economics before . Among them, Penslar paid special attention to the Sephardi Jews involved in the highest circles of the Dutch economy, such as Josef Penso de la Vega and Isaac de Pinto . Yet he A more detailed analysis of the demographic aspects of this essay by Isaac de 2 Pinto may be found in Daniel Strum, “Princípios da Economia Política Judaica : As Reflexões Políticas de...  אל הספר
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