Ex-Converso Sephardi New Jews as Agents, Victims, and Thinkers ofEmpire: Isaac Cardoso Once Again / Claude B. Stuczynski

Claude B . Stuczynski * 210 Jews . Despite efforts and initiatives of the Inquisition and the Crown to forbid or limit converso immigration to Spanish America and Portuguese Asia, “men of the nation” ( homens da nação ) prospered in these immense and promising geographical spaces, as the activities of the Holy Office during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries ( and also in Brazil in the eighteenth century ) through the tribunals of Lima, Mexico, Cartagena, Goa, and Lisbon the latter also covered the Portuguese seaborne domains in Brazil and in ( the West African coast ) attest . 3 In particular, Portuguese New Christians contributed to the emergence of an early modern, quasi - global economic system, and were metonymically identified as a group of “men of commerce” homens de negócios ) . 4 Together with other Jews ( many of them Sephardi ex - ( Lucia Garcia de Proodian, Los judíos en América, sus actividades en los Virreinatos 3 de Nueva Castilla y Nueva Granada s . XVII ( Madrid :...  אל הספר
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