The Fracturing of Jewish Identity in the Early Modern Jewish Diaspora: The Case of the Conversos / David Graizbord

David Graizbord * 86 brief reflection . I begin from the perspective of my current research, but then work my way back to some of the concerns that underlay my past scholarship on converso and New Jewish identities . To do this, I concentrate on an earlier historical juncture than my published studies, which focus on the 1600 s, have treated . * Since the nineteenth century, it has become a truism among many Jews that the principal if not the only determinant of Jewish identity is Jews’ relationship to a “religion” called “Judaism . ” Corollaries to this truism abound . For instance, practically since the establishment of the State of Israel it has been common for the country’s citizens, notably its elites – government officials, university scholars, and journalists – to refer to the “religious” ( dati ) and “secular” ḥiloni ) “sectors” of Israeli Jewish society . Correspondingly, many Jewish ( Israelis view themselves as either “religious” or “secular . ” Many other Israeli citizens, ...  אל הספר
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