Yosef Kaplan and the Paths to Modernity: New Christians, New Jews, TheirInteractions, and Their Surroundings

Avriel Bar - Levav, Claude B . Stuczynski, and Michael Heyd * 10 Ha - Zioni youth movement, Kaplan immigrated to Israel in 1962 . He attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and majored in Jewish history and sociology, a combination similar to that of his mentor, the sociologist Jacob Katz ( see nos . 123 and 218 in the list of Kaplan’s writings in this volume ) . Moreover, his sensitivity to the disciplines of the social sciences, like that of his teacher Shmuel Ettinger, is apparent in his historical studies . At the same time, Kaplan was research assistant to the historian Benzion Dinur, one of the leading architects of Jewish historical studies in Israel . From Dinur’s personality Kaplan imbibed the values of persistence, self - discipline, accuracy, and a broad historical perspective, all of which he combined with a human and attentive approach toward people ( no . 109 ) . In 1979, he completed his doctoral dissertation on Isaac Orobio de Castro and his circle, which was direct...  אל הספר
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