The Death of Balaam Son of Be ’ or The story of Balaam ’ s death is based on two brief Biblical references Numbers 31 : 8 , Joshua 13 : 22 ( which record that the prophet Balaam son of ( ’Be or , the enemy of the Israelites , was killed by the sword in the war with Midian . The midrash expands on this brief account , relating that Balaam used his magic powers to fly above the earth and elude capture . Pinchas son of Eleazar the priest or , according to other versions , Tzaliah son of Dan , mentioned the name of the Holy One , ascended to heaven , captured Balaam , and brought him down to earth . Balaam begged for his life but was finally killed by his captors . Balaam ben Be ’ or , a prophet from Petor in Naharayim , is described in the Bible both as the prophet of God who faithfully delivers his words and as someone who sought to curse the Israelites and drove the daughters of Moav and Midian to prostitution with them . In the Book of Joshua 13 : 22 , the name ‘ magician ’ was added t...  אל הספר
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