The Socio - Economic Logic of the 1977 Regime Change in Israel Danny Gutwein The 1977 transfer of political power ) ha ' mahapach ( has entered the Israeli public discourse and academic research as a term with two complementary meanings : in the narrow and limited sense it refers to the results of the 9 th Knesset elections that created the first ever , left to right regime change in Israel ; in the larger sense it pertains to the loss of Labor ' s hegemony that stemmed from profound socioeconomic processes which culminated after two decades and which has continued changing Israel ' s socio - political structure ever since . The change of government took place in two stages . In the first stage - the 1973 8 th Knesset elections - the right - wing Likud gained 13 seats out of 120 ) going from 26 seats to 39 ( , and the left - wing Alignment ) Ma ' arach ( lost 5 seats ) dropping from 56 seats to 51 ( but still retained its hold on government . In the second stage – the 1977 9 th Knesset...  אל הספר
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